Intro to my blog – Is Breathing Voluntary?

I’ve called this blog "BT’s views on everything" because I elected myself to improve our world by pointing out any errors I happen upon.  My wish, hopeless as it seems,  is that responsible parties can correct the errors, learn from what they did wrong, and do better in the future.  So don’t expect this blog to be loads of fun to read. 


One of the things you will notice is my attempt to be polite and courteous.  Just because I am smarter than most* people is no reason to flaunt it.  (* My cognitive ability tests in the top one percent of the population.  On the other hand, they didn’t test for common sense.  I most likely would fail the standard kindergarten evaluation of "works well with others.")


I have no recollection of what I intended to write when I started this bit of information several months ago, and no idea why I titled it "Is Breathing Voluntary"?  But it seems like an interesting title so I’ve decided to keep it, misleading as it is. 


"Is Breathing Voluntary"?  Of course I know that we have an involuntary nervous system that will return us to breathing even should we be able to hold our breaths till we faint.  But then, knowing that, why did I pose this question?  This really is beginning to bug me.  And should the question mark precede or antecede the end quote?  I think precede would have been more attractive. 

I recall seeing images of polio victims in "iron lungs."  For them the breathing was definitely not voluntary.  The machine kept the breath going in and out regardless of what the patient wanted.  But I am no closer to what I had in mind. (According to the date on the draft, I started it in mid-February!  I can’t even remember what I had for lunch today.  I give up.)

There doesn’t appear to be a spell checker tool in MSN’s blog creation tool box, and I’m too lazy to copy this to my word processor.  Therefore, expect to find some typos and perhaps some genuine mis-spellings.  And remember to blame Bill Gates for those errors, not me.  I never make miss takes.

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