Money: the real problem for immigration law

Truths About Immigration 

Money is the key. 
With the current level of funding existing laws will continue to be at
best implemented weakly.  Similarly,
money is not there to implement the proposed new law that everyone is arguing
about.  The main issue for most people
is border security.  We need to control
who and what comes into America to protect against terrorists moving here.  People already in the country who want to
emulate al Qaida will need to be picked up through law enforcement methods,
using authorized wiretaps and surveillance consistent with Constitutional
requirements and other laws.  

Fences and intrusion detection systems can work, but they need
a quick response force to catch illegals before they get lost.  They may need to be able to detect
sophisticated tunnels, as Israel discovered belatedly in their highly fortified
border.  Maintenance problems and
nuisance alarms can plague any exterior intrusion detection system, and
knowledgeable intruders can use them to their advantage.  Illegals can try to go under, over, or
through fences.  They also could go
around them, since the authorized but not built fence will not cover all of our

Border security also requires an ability to detect falsified
papers at border portals, and to detect weapons and explosives that may be
hidden in ways designed to defeat detection. We need to search more than 1 % of all cargo coming into the country,  whether by air, sea, or road.

Without enforcing the law on employers, either the existing
or new law, the 12 million illegals reportedly already in our country (I’ve
always wondered how they got a count on people who are hiding their illegal
status) will not be motivated to come out of hiding.  If they do come out of hiding, we haven’t the resources to process them.   If they don’t, we don’t have the resources to find them and to imprison or deport all 12 million. 

The new law would require identification cards that can’t be
falsified.  They would include some kind
of biometric devices to ensure that the person using the card is the card’s
rightful owner.  Neither the right wing
nor the left wing of politics is willing to accept requiring everyone in the
U.S. to have biometric national identity cards.  The left considers it a violation of civil liberties.  The right believes it will make it to easy
for a totalitarian government to take away their weapons.  The new immigration law apparently would
require only aliens to carry such cards; citizens, whether native or
naturalized, won’t need them.  So if an
illegal wants to avoid identification as an illegal, he or she can simply claim
to be legal and not show a card.  Cost
arises again.  Who is to pay for 12
million or more electronic biometric encoded identity cards and for devices
to make the biometric measurements?

Immigrants are needed to do the work Americans don’t want to
  Really?  Are there jobs that you can’t find Americans to do if the pay is
high enough?  What seems to really be
the case, if employment statistics and company personal managers are to be
believed, is that unemployment is so low that companies in all sorts of
industries are having a hard time filling positions.  What with all the jobs being shipped overseas and increasing
automation, I have a hard time understanding this, but apparently its true.


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