Myths and Mistakes in the CNN June 2007 Presidential Debates

Myths and Mistakes in the CNN June
2007 Presidential Debates 

  • A
    way to lower gas prices is to eliminate subsidies to the oil and gas
     How does that get
    us to lower or even to stable prices? 
    I agree that the oil companies are in no need of government
    subsidies, but eliminating an alternate stream of revenue would be an
    incentive for the companies to raise prices to make up for the lost
    subsidies, not to lower them.  

  • The
    proposed immigration reform bill is crucial, to either pass or to
    A reporter for the
    Washington Times newspaper, whose name I forgot, said on a radio interview
    program that it won’t make any difference whether or not it passes.  How did Shakespeare say it, “full of sound
    and fury signifying nothing”? 
    There is not nearly enough money in the budget to provide
    the security measures the bill would need for it to be implemented

  • The
    Democratic members of Congress didn’t have the 67 votes in the Senate that
    would have been needed to override a veto on a bill ending the war. 
    The Democrats didn’t need to pass a
    bill to end the war.  All they had
    to do was NOT PASS a bill funding its continuation.  They could have sent an open message to
    the President that he had to sign the bill or he would have to get the
    troops out of harms way before the existing funds ran out or HE would be the one guilty of not supporting the troops.. 

  • The
    Republican Party is the party of “life.”
      Yes, it opposes legal abortion, but the GOP has been very
    selective as to which life affirming projects it supports.  For example, is there any doubt that
    legalizing recreational drugs in a controlled and regulated manner would
    eliminate the epidemic of urban deaths attributed to turf battles about
    illegal drugs, as well as save us the huge amounts of money our tax
    dollars used to fight the never-ending war on drugs?  No, but don’t expect any Republicans to
    support such a proposal.  They also
    oppose laws that could reduce the many deaths of family members caused by
    gun accidents or use of a gun in rage during a family argument. 

  • The
    Republican Party must protect the family.
      Again, they don’t protect it against violence due to family
    arguments.  Also, they oppose
    giving children pf gay couples the protection offered children of
    heterosexual families.   



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